Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Director General of the IOC says the Winter Games ain't moving out Sochi

De Kepper is on the right
The hope of moving the Olympics out of Sochi is pretty much dead. The Director General of the IOC, Christophe De Kepper, has shot down all plans of moving the Winter Olympics somewhere else. Regardless of Russia’s anti-gay law, the Olympics stay put.

In a letter he wrote, Christophe said:
Moving the Olympic Games to another location is something that is not being discussed. Organizing the Olympic Games is a seven-year process and a complex exercise for any Organizing Committee. Any suggestion to move one addition of the Games to a city that previously hosted them is unrealistic and unfeasible for many reasons. To give you just one example, the athletes’ rooms in the Olympic Village in Vancouver have been converted into apartments and have become home to hundreds of families. Finding another location to accommodate the athletes would be impossible six months away from the Games. There are many more technical, financial and security reasons that make such a proposal unfeasible.
Christophe said that they will continue pressing their concerns over the gay athletes' safety, but in the nutshell, this ain't going to happen.

Now, you may know my stance. I always thought it was unrealistic to move the Olympics. It was a bad plan from the gate and it set us up for failure and finger pointing. Again, it's another example of cloud-grabbing activism.


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