Saturday, October 5, 2013

Latino LGBT Population in U.S. hits 1.4 Million

According to a report from UCLA Williams Institute, there are 1.4 million Latinos in the U.S. who identify as LGBT.

The survey points out that 30% of gay couples who live together, live in populations with high volumes of Latinos. Also, LGBT Latinos have a higher rate of unemployment, however they have college degrees and earn a higher median income than their straight counterparts.

It's an interesting read. Please check it out here

Brendon Ayanbadejo pens an Open Letter to Ole Miss

Last week, I posted a sad story about some of the Ole Miss football team disrupting a local production of 'The Laramie Project'. Well, that didn't sit well with Brendon at all. He wrote an open letter to express his concerns.

Here is some of it:
“The Laramie Project” is a true story about Shepard a young gay college student who was abducted, tortured, beaten, chained to a fence and left to die in the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming, on this weekend in 1998.

Shepard made the ultimate sacrifice. The taking of his life brought national attention to hate crime awareness and legislation.

The alleged behavior of Ole Miss football players along with freshmen from other sports and students attending the play to fulfill some underclassmen requirements is abhorrent and unacceptable.

I blame the administration as much as I blame the athletes. This is a graphic play and a graphic production. People need to have an idea of what they are getting themselves into.

In no way do I condone this behavior but you need to have a conversation with these athletes when they set foot on any campus as to what is expected from them as representatives of the university.
Read the whole letter here

Boston University has Gender Neutral Housing - VIDEO

Question of the Day

What in the hell is going on in Washington D.C.?

Interesting Quote: Brian Brown

"We are talking about violations of rights, we are talking about the rights and problems of children in their education. We should not shy away from this and should not forget about it and create an illusion for ourselves. A reconsideration of the definition and understanding of marriage is in fact a real threat to rights. Very soon after a law was passed that legalized same-sex marriage in the state of Massachusetts, we saw that religious organizations were closing down, religious organizations that dealt with adoptions and that did not support adoption by same-sex families. They were closing one after another.

We have actually seen that in some schools, they are talking to children about homosexuality, but in fact they don't have the right to learn about a lot of things until a certain age....

I think that this visit, the invitation to visit Russia, will enable the development of this movement around the world. We will band together, we will defend our children and their normal civil rights. Every child should have the right to have normal parents: a father and a mother."

Brian went to Russia to cause trouble.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Man set himself on Fire at Washington's National Mall!

This just in!

On the Washington's National Mall, a man reportedly set himself on fire.When the cops arrived at the scene, the man was conscious and breathing. At this point, we don't know why he did this to himself

More to come

PA Rep. Brian Sims slams Gov. Tom Corbett over his Anti-Gay Remark

Brian wasn't happy about PA's Gov. Tom Corbett's statement about gays being linked to incest. He took to Facebook to voice his response:
All day long I've been hearing about the Governor's comments earlier this morning comparing marriage equality to incest. In truth, I'm not giving him or his comments all that much thought and I encourage you to do the same.

No one, not even his own party, would argue that he’s an intellectual heavyweight or even a particularly thoughtful person. The larger issue is that despite the fact that the majority of Pennsylvanians disagree with him, he continues to be the heaviest hitter in Pennsylvania’s anti-equality crusade.

Our job isn’t just to be frustrated with the homophobia coming from the Governor’s Mansion, it’s to do everything we can to ensure that his chapter in Pennsylvania’s political history is as sad and short as his record on schools, economic development and civil rights.

Tom Corbett has been a disaster for Pennsylvania for so many reasons and I hope this fuels your resolve to vote him out of office.
Get him, Brian.

New John Boehner 'Temper Tantrum' Ad will Air during Sunday's Football Game - VIDEO

This is grand

Interesting Quote: President Obama

Everybody here just does their job, right? You know, if you're working here and in the middle of the day you just stopped and said, you know what? I want to get something, but I don't know — I don't know exactly what I'm going get, but — I'm just going to stop working until I get something-- I'm going to shut down the whole plant until I get something. You'd get fired! Right?

Obama reading the GOP, watch the clip after the jump

PA Governor Tom Corbett Compares Gay Marriage to Incest - WATCH

Question of the Day: Miriam Carey

Why did Miriam Carey do it?

If you don't know, she is the woman who was killed after she tried to ram through the White House barricade.

There's not much on her, but I want to know what was going on with her?

Did you watch Scandal?

If so, what did you think?

President Obama praises Pope Francis - WATCH

Thursday, October 3, 2013

BackFlash Video Thursday: Cher

An oldie... Take Me Home

Shots Fired at the U.S. Capitol. Child found in the car of the Shooter! The Woman involved is Dead

OMG, folks!

There were multiple shots were fired on the West Front part of the U.S. Capitol about 30 minutes ago. Congress has gone on lockdown and the Secret Service is surrounding the White House!

According many sources, one police officer has been injured. Now, the Capitol Hill shooter was arrested? There are confusing stories happening about that, however, there was a child in the car the shooter drove.

The shooter also tried to ram in the White House barricade.

UPDATE: The woman is dead, the child is unharmed.

More to come

WATCH Thomas Roberts read Reince Priebus over the GOP's Stance in the Shutdown

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Thomas was about to cut Reince

Ole Miss Football Players & Students hurl Gay Slurs during a production of 'The Laramie Project'


At the University of Mississippi, some ignorant Ole Miss football players and some other students disrupted a local production of "The Laramie Project"

According to some of the audience members, these jackoffs spewed a bunch of gay slurs to the cast.

The school's athletic department issued a formal apology for the outburst and the Dean of Students wasn't happy about the matter. But I feel that's not enough. Those foolish individuals should be brought to a campus judicial hearing and given disciplinary action. Better yet, there should be a student-led forum discussing discrimination and hate speech.

Those idiots' actions caused a lot of uncertainty in the safety of the gay students at that university and they should answer for their foolishness. And as for the university... They need to do better with the follow up.


The Wonder Woman short film goes Viral

Yesterday, Good Morning America discussed the Wonder Woman short and asked the questions many of her fans would die to know... When, WB, when we will Diana be in her own film?

I love that the WW short has gained so much attention. From the GMA clip, they mentioned that the short has over 2.5 million hits. Well, today it has hit over 3.2 million. With this much buzz, WB should be holding a meeting and rethinking their plans for the upcoming years.

Question of the Day: Sex Edition

Why are all the bottoms coming for me? What screams TOP about me?

Interesting Quote: Darren Young

I was terrified of losing friends, losing my job, just everything. I had no idea what would happen if I came out… There came a point in my life where I just wasn’t happy living a double life. It was spur of the moment, and I said what I said and I was confident. But when I left, I said to myself, ‘What the hell did I just do?’”

Classic Creepy Halloween Costumes

I love these

More after the jump

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Grandfather shames his Daughter after She Kicks Out his Grandson for being Gay - LETTER


Is Chris Brown trying to be an Ally?

This tweet came out on Monday

I guess he knows that in order to survive, he has to cater

Wanna Watch a Music Video about being an Ex-Gay? Well, here it is

At the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner, this song debuted before the masses (60 people)that attended the event.

The song is by Dennis Jernigan, he also performed it live as well

I feel so enlighten now.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about Robin's chances in the Batman Vs. Superman film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on the Tonight Show yesterday, and Jay Leno asked him about the possibility of being in the Batman vs. Superman movie.

This is what he had to say:
“I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t have anything to do with that movie. I was in a movie that was the end of a trilogy. I was super proud and fortunate to be in. And I think that these next movies are…they are sort of a separate chapter.”
You can watch the interview after the jump

Seattle has the Most Gay Couples


Jon Stewart Reads Fox News and the GOP over the Shutdown

Interesting Quote: Scott Lively

After long contemplation and prayer I am convinced that I should run for Governor of Massachusetts. I will run as an independent.

The people of this state need a candidate who can clearly and unapologetically articulate Biblical values without fear or compromise. They need a candidate who will tell the simple truth that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is condemned by God (but that Jesus forgives and heals those who repent). That parents and not the state have authority over their children, because government is our servant and not our master. That socialism is slavery and humanism breeds corruption. But mostly they need a leader who will remind the people that Massachusetts was founded upon Jesus Christ and the Bible and that our future security and prosperity depend on restoring our trust in Him. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!” Psalm 33:12.

These are very dark days in Massachusetts and across America, and growing steadily darker. I believe it is time for Christians with a strong Biblical worldview to rise up and preach the whole truth of the Bible as widely and boldly as possible. Massachusetts is the bluest of the blue states: the first to adopt socialized medicine and “gay marriage,” the national model for promoting homosexuality to children in the public schools, and the most aggressive defender of child-killing through abortion. The Mass Republican Party is solidly controlled by moderate to liberal “progressives” and the Democrats are virtual communists. They both embrace and champion the culture of death. With these two liberal parties splitting the liberal vote, a true conservative independent could win the governorship.
Good Grief


10 Reasons Why Grindr may be not Good for Us

Yesterday, there was a new Grindr to download. The minute I heard this, I was already soooo over it and somewhat sad.

This social app has become a quick way for gays to meet, and a quick way to see some of the worst in gay men. The art of conversation is lost with this app and tact... Chile please.

I'm not so sure this Grindr thing is a good thing. So here are my reasons why I'm not a fan.

  1. You are judged strictly by a pic. Everything about you is reduced to how you look in a selfie. When you think about it, you should feel just a tad bit cheap.
  2. Liars are King. Grindr allows folks to lie badly about who they are. Yeah, we all embellish about ourselves from time to time. But here, you don't have to tell the truth. In fact, you can be the person you always want to be.
  3. Conversations are reduced to this :) and this :(.
  4. Racism runs unchecked and cloaked by the belief of preference. To say, you are not into Asians or White guys only is racist. 
  5. Some guys believe that a torso or cock shot is the best they have to offer. These same guys will claim that you have to know them in order to judge them. 
  6. This app gives guys the right to be mean. Because you are hiding behind an app, doesn't give you the right to hate on someone for fun.
  7. This app dumbs down social skills. 
  8. Some guys don't realize that emotions are involved.
  9. Grindr isn't Candy Crush, however guys continue to play with other guys' feelings like a game.
  10. Some guys are basing their worth by what others on Grindr think of them. Remember, these guys are not being honest about themselves. So, to validate yourself from their views isn't a good move.
Some say Grindr is killing the gay bar culture. If that's the case, then we should be worried. If we have to depend on apps like this, will we be able to truly get to know someone?

New Trailer: Valentine Road

The premise
Feb. 12, 2008, started like any other day at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, a California beach town northwest of Los Angeles. Eighth-grade students filed into computer lab to do an assignment on the topic of tolerance. But before the class was over, 15-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King lay fighting for his life, shot twice in the back of the head at point-blank range by classmate Brandon McInerney. Two days later, on Valentine's Day, Larry died, the victim of a crime that grabbed national headlines and dramatically changed the lives of the students, teachers and community. 

VALENTINE ROAD explores the murder of a teenager who had begun exploring his gender identity, revealing the circumstances that led to the shocking crime, as well as its complicated aftermath. Directed and produced by first-time filmmaker Marta Cunningham and shepherded by award-winning producers Sasha Alpert (HBO's "Autism: The Musical") and Eddie Schmidt (HBO's "Twist of Faith"), the film raises issues about the safety of LGBT teens, juvenile justice and the ability of the country's educational and social service systems to prevent such tragedies. 
 VALENTINE ROAD debuts this Monday at 9pm ET on HBO.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For those who are fans... Britney Spears: Work Bitch Official Video

Mississippi Woman Denied Business License for Gay Bar, SPLC files a Federal Lawsuit

This is a video of Pat Newton, a lesbian, who wants her gay bar to be legit in the town of Shannon, Miss. When she applied for her business license, it was instantly denied. The SPLC were notified and now, they have filed a federal lawsuit against the town, the mayor, and the aldermen.

The complaint notes how their actions are discriminatory towards Pat and the 14th Amendments.

I wish her the best in this battle and I hope the townsfolk are not complete assholes about this.

Cover of the Day

Never Forget

The Wonder Woman short has over ONE MILLION Hits on Youtube

Gov. Chris Christie files an Appeal against the Gay Marriage Ruling

No shocker, just mess!

After gay marriage became possible in New Jersey, Chris Christie jumps up to stop it. Last night, the Governor filed an appeal to stop the marriage quality ruling.

In his appeal, Gov. Christie said that judge over-reached her bounds. He has asked for a stay, which will delay the implementation date from Oct. 21 to a later date.

I personally think this is a bad move for Chris. If he's trying to run for president, he needs to get on board with the changing times.

Chris, back away from this.


New Poll: Most Americans support ENDA

A conservative poll reveals that a majority of Americans support ENDA.

TargetPoint surveyed 2,000 registered voters and learned some important things:

  • 80% believed that federal law to protect LGBT workers already exist. 
  • 60% said anti-LGBT discrimination is a problem in our country.
  • One that note, 54% of self-described Republicans agree.
  • 68% support a federal law that protects LGBT Americans from workplace discrimination.
  • 56% said they support a federal workplace nondiscrimination law.
Things are looking good for ENDA. Can we get on it already?

Question of the Day: Dating

Could you date a guy you have A LOT in common with?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

READ the Memo that Shut Down the Government