Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ole Miss Football Players & Students hurl Gay Slurs during a production of 'The Laramie Project'


At the University of Mississippi, some ignorant Ole Miss football players and some other students disrupted a local production of "The Laramie Project"

According to some of the audience members, these jackoffs spewed a bunch of gay slurs to the cast.

The school's athletic department issued a formal apology for the outburst and the Dean of Students wasn't happy about the matter. But I feel that's not enough. Those foolish individuals should be brought to a campus judicial hearing and given disciplinary action. Better yet, there should be a student-led forum discussing discrimination and hate speech.

Those idiots' actions caused a lot of uncertainty in the safety of the gay students at that university and they should answer for their foolishness. And as for the university... They need to do better with the follow up.


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