Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Reasons Why Grindr may be not Good for Us

Yesterday, there was a new Grindr to download. The minute I heard this, I was already soooo over it and somewhat sad.

This social app has become a quick way for gays to meet, and a quick way to see some of the worst in gay men. The art of conversation is lost with this app and tact... Chile please.

I'm not so sure this Grindr thing is a good thing. So here are my reasons why I'm not a fan.

  1. You are judged strictly by a pic. Everything about you is reduced to how you look in a selfie. When you think about it, you should feel just a tad bit cheap.
  2. Liars are King. Grindr allows folks to lie badly about who they are. Yeah, we all embellish about ourselves from time to time. But here, you don't have to tell the truth. In fact, you can be the person you always want to be.
  3. Conversations are reduced to this :) and this :(.
  4. Racism runs unchecked and cloaked by the belief of preference. To say, you are not into Asians or White guys only is racist. 
  5. Some guys believe that a torso or cock shot is the best they have to offer. These same guys will claim that you have to know them in order to judge them. 
  6. This app gives guys the right to be mean. Because you are hiding behind an app, doesn't give you the right to hate on someone for fun.
  7. This app dumbs down social skills. 
  8. Some guys don't realize that emotions are involved.
  9. Grindr isn't Candy Crush, however guys continue to play with other guys' feelings like a game.
  10. Some guys are basing their worth by what others on Grindr think of them. Remember, these guys are not being honest about themselves. So, to validate yourself from their views isn't a good move.
Some say Grindr is killing the gay bar culture. If that's the case, then we should be worried. If we have to depend on apps like this, will we be able to truly get to know someone?

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