Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Don't want CW to make a Wonder Woman series

You know... After thinking, crying, screaming and ranting. I think I have come to the conclusion that I don't want CW to do a Wonder Woman series.

I would like a WW series, I just don't want CW near it at all. But why am I all of a sudden against this idea? Well, I have 10 reasons why.

  1. Lack of strong female characters. CW isn't known for strong woman roles in their series. They have a hard time maintaining a series with a powerful woman. Nikita is their only example, but that poor show is on the struggle bus. While they're on point with damsel in distress roles, I'm not sure they can give us the Amazing Amazon.
  2. Casting. CW loves to cast Soap Opera/Gay Porn/MTV Undressed folks for their shows. In their world, everybody's hot, including the demons and mass murderers. I don't mind the eye candy, however too much of it can water down the true essence of the story.
  3. Storytelling. Smallville spent 10 years going nowhere. And while Arrow is decent, it's still dependent on eye candy. They will get the teen and college student viewers, but I'm not confident they will keep an adult interested for the long haul.  
  4. Storytelling part 2. WW has a rich history and great mythology. Could the writers at CW convey her heritage well or f*ck it up? Again, SMALLVILLE.
  5. Marketing. Real talk, the new Arrow posters are hot, but if you had no idea about the Green Arrow, you'd think these posters were a Sean Cody production. I feel like they wouldn't know how to market Diana and possibly turn her into a sexy warrior vixen.
  6. Lovelorn. I feel like CW would make the WW series into an updated Young Romance live action comic. Her back and forth with Steve could become a typical CW love drama and that would kill the Diana we know and love.
  7. Costume. In CW's version, she would probably wear a choker and Cover Girl make up.
  8. Acting chops. They will have to find a woman who can make us believe in WW's cause and purpose. Not sure they can do that.
  9. Writing. Will the series fall into the normal CW trappings? Too many pop cultural references and no substance? Possible.
  10. Diversity. They're getting better with this piece, but will they stick to Diana's true look, i.e. not so White looking? And her supporting cast, will they be a diverse bunch or will the melting pot only apply to the villains?
CW has made strong strides in their programming, still I can't help but to see a train wreck coming around the bend. The casting of Flash wasn't flattering and it makes me wonder what starlet would they put in those satin tights... Oh, knowing CW, her costume would actually be satin.

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