Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm calling Poppycock on the latest 'Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel' Story

Bleeding Cool posted a HUGE rumor this past week.

They asked if the mystery casting of a woman in the next Man of Steel film is Wonder Woman? When I saw the post... I laughed.

In the midst of Comic Book movie gossip, of course, talking about Wonder Woman is gold. But this post was clearly pushing the gossip wagon. However, some folks took it as fact, including totally believing this story and even claiming how real it is.

But seriously... It's such a vague ass rumor, (sorry for being bitchy) that you have to be a little daft to believe it.

If you read the BC post, you can easily see it for what it is. However, if you can't, I will break it down for you.

Let's start with some of their statements:
I’ve learned today that they’re looking for a new female lead, but the information they’re giving is incredibly light. 
I can tell you that she’ll be somewhere between twenty five and thirty three – or at least leave the impression of a woman in that age range, whatever that might be.
I can tell you that she needs to be physically strong. They’re specific about that.
Okay, that part was truly all you need to know. This is a random casting call. WW is not a random casting call. If they were casting her, trust, they wouldn't have put out a random call for her. They know WW is a big role and a big deal, I'm sure they have someone in mind IF, she's in the movie. Again, I express IF.

Another one:
And I can tell you that the discussion in some agencies who have been submitting actors for this role is that they’re sending up candidates for the role of Wonder Woman. They don’t know that it’s her, it’s just become their expectation, or at least a rumor that’s coloured their conception.
Chile, they been sending actresses up to the main office since it was announced months ago that a Justice League film will be made. These agencies are desperately trying to get their actresses in the mix. It's their job.

Also, this same type of rumor came up during the first Man of Steel film. Folks thought that WW was in that one too, but turned out to be Faora-Ul.

Bleeding Cool was just asking a question and trying to figure something out. But in no way this was proof that Diana is about to make her debut.

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling I'm not.

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