Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Two Cents on this Unnecessary Anger over the HRC's Executive Pay

A few days ago the salaries of the exec board of the HRC came out.

The President Chad Griffin made over 300K, more than the previous president, Joe Solmonese. Well, within seconds, some of the gay activists went batcrap crazy and demanded for the head of Chad.

Yes, that was dramatic, but I'm just mirroring some of the foolishness surrounding this hateration. From a few blogs, some folks said the HRC wasn't doing this, wasn't doing that. Then, they talked about why the HRC didn't do something about ENDA and some more mess.

To be honest, the reasons for their anger was based off of assumptions and speculations. Nothing reasonable or concrete. Their anger over the HRC goes back some years. And while some of it is understandable, a lot of it is foolishness.

Now, I'm not a member of the HRC, nor do I donate to them, but this sorority girl hate some activists have about them is getting old and silly. They're not perfect, but they never claimed to be the end all, be all. If anything, they're trying achieve the same goal as the rest of us are. They just have more money to play with and powerful people in their sand box. If that's the reason why some activists are mad, then quit now, because it will always be like this. The execs will continue to make money and the HRC will keep moving on.

This type of misguided anger does no one any good, so let it go and find real reasons to be upset.

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