Sunday, September 15, 2013

Study: Majority of Children's Books are still about White Males

Here is an interesting find on the Racebending Tumblr

In the most comprehensive study of children’s literature during a period of 100 years, researchers recently found that:

  • 57% of children’s books published each year have male protagonists, versus 31% female.
  • In popular children’s books featuring animated animals, 100% of them have male characters, but only 33% have female characters.
  • The average number of books featuring male characters in the title of the book is 36.5% versus 17.5% for female characters.
  • Of an estimated 5,000 children’s and YA books released in 2012, only 3.3% featured African-Americans; 2.1% featured Asian-Americans or Pacific Islanders; 1.5% featured Latinos; and only 0.6% featured Native Americans.
This needs to get better.

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