Friday, September 6, 2013

Shellie Zimmerman files for Divorce from George Zimmerman

Liar and perjury girl of the week, Shellie Zimmerman, has filed for divorce from George Zimmerman. She said in other interviews, that George was draining her self-esteem.

I wonder if being married to a killer is getting to her. Hell, I wonder if she thinks he's guilty and the 'guilt' is getting to her.

Who knows... but here's the tea, remember that money they raised for George's defense fund from all those idiots? Well, that money might be used to support Shellie. According to several sites , Shellie is living off of that money. She is getting $4,300 a month for living expenses.

Interesting, considering they are still in debt. I'm sure I will have more to post about this story.


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