Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Move the Olympics out of Sochi! Okay, then... Where and How?

So we are continuing to hear about the Winter Games boycott. Keith Olbermann gave a nasty read about it the other day on his show and we still see rants on a few blogs.

But while we're demanding for Sochi to shut down, let's actually step up two more steps in the argument. So far, I haven't heard from any activists or celebrity about where to the move the Olympics, let alone, how can this happen.

Are we thinking about how a particular country or city could handle the Olympics? The cost of the move? The athletes readjusting or even if the other places are safe for the athletes?  It is my belief that we have to think ahead and realistically about all of this. While it's cute rant and rave, it's pointless without a solid plan to see it through.

And I don't want to hear someone say, "That's their problem to handle this," no Boo Boo, we're making the demands, we should also have plan. We need to start providing solutions, let me rephrase that, SOLID solutions, no quick fixes.

I think if gay activists just have a seat and think through a lot of this, A) they may see that the boycott is impossible at this point or B) come up with how, when, and where. Still, it may not move mountains, but it could get some more folks talking and possibly reconsidering. You never know, right?

Now, as always, I am a stanch gay rights fighter; but I'm also realistic and analytically sound. I like a good battle and I also like to win. But I don't care for feel-good rants with no results, that's not a winning combo.  But what could be great are plans, solutions and sensible ideas. You win when you start and finish. How about some of these activists lay out a plan to win for once.

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