Monday, September 2, 2013

Foolishness Alert! The Inferno DR drama for your Mama's mama

Well I have a story to tell y'all.

It all has to do with a Black and Latino Gay party event known as Inferno DR. This event/party is on its 5th year and it's supposed to be the BIG party in some gay circles.

The Inferno Dominican Republic is about a week (really a weekend) of great food, parties, sex and everything else under the sun. Many gay men of color get their bodies and money ready for this event.

Well, this year something went totally wrong. On my Twitter feed, I kept seeing #InfernoDR pop up multiple times. So, I put on my best Nancy Drew drag to see what was going on.

The word was many gays showed up in the DR ready to party, but what they got was a huge mess! None of their rooms booked and none of the events were scheduled. The payments were not made and resort dropped the event. Yet, if you go on the Inferno DR FB page, they were still trying to sell rooms over the early parts of summer. Inferno DR was cancelled and many of the attendees had no idea. In fact, some them arrived there only to find out they had no rooms at all. The resort did what they could to help and the attendees also, helped by inviting other attendees to stay with them. Reports and pics were all over the webs, pointing the finger at the organizer Will Williams. He was silent at first and then sent out this letter that really didn't help the situation.

Folks continue to hammer Will on this epic fail, hoping for him to fess up and tell the truth. As the days moved on, Will was getting very defensive and citing a lot of scripture and quotes. Finally, a letter came out, promising to handle the mess
But folks were not convinced this letter or apology was real. However, what could help is Will admitting his failure and making it a top priority to refund everyone that was robbed and swindled by the event. Personally, I don't get the point of spending that much money just to be seen. If you want to be seen, get a LV bag.

Anywho, I hope this gets solved quick because Will Williams is ruining his legacy and the trust with the gay communities of color may not ever be the same.

Will, in the immortal words of Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford... Clean up this mess!

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