Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anti-Gay Howard University Students plan to Boycott Tonex’s concert

I used to think Howard University was more sensible than most, but after this mess, I don't know.

Over-Talented Tonex a.k.a B. Slade will be performing there this Sunday for a Gospel Brunch, however bigoted students are upset about him being there. You see, Tonex is gay and has been making beautiful music for awhile now. Still these folks are scared of a gay Christian, so instead of embracing the truth, they want to boycott it.

They created the Facebook page, “Don’t support Tonex concert” and a Twitter handle, @BoycottTonex. The page and twitter are gone now, but their hate is still evident. I hope the gay students and allies combat this foolishness. This ain't the stone ages and we ain't burning witches, so these bigots need to get it together.

I'm sure there will be more to the story.


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